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Meet Your Ambassadors

The Scott Firefighter Stairclimb Ambassadors each represent a different region across the U.S. and beyond. They are here to field any and all Stairclimb questions you may have, as well as provide support for logistics regarding team coordination. They can provide a wealth of knowledge regarding best leadership and most effective fundraising methods, along with tips and tricks for overall success. They are here to help your team climb to its highest potential. 

Aside from being firefighters in their daily lives, these men and women are essential components of our Staircimb team. Not only are they savvy about being champion climbers and top fundraisers, but they have received additional training through LLS. All of our ambassadors have personal connections to the mission behind the Stairclimb and are eager to share their stories with you! Feel free to reach out to an Ambassador in your region today! All teams will be assigned an Ambassador post-registration. 



Ambassador Rich Brown

Richard Brown - Lead Ambassador

Boise Fire Department

7 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: Let your friends and family know you are in the Stairclimb and why. Don't be afraid to tell them your goal, and ask if they will help you, help the LLS. If they do not know, they don't even have a chance to say yes or no. Put yourself out there, use social media and connections you have to let others know about the team you are on and their goal.

Bottom line, I climb to raise money for the LLS!  I started climbing in honor of my father in law and one of my best friends, both were survivors.  My father-in-law is still cancer free. During the preparation for the 2012 climb, my friend began fighting his blood cancer for the third time. Horribly, his fight ended when he passed November 6, 2011. This was very difficult for me to see his wife and him go through. It was also my catalyst to which I thought, I can do better, I can raise more money toward the hope others will not have to endure these bold cancers. In 2011, I was able to raise $3599. Over the next six climbs, 2012-2017, I have raised $107,439. My Boise Fire teammates have stepped up fundraising activities on personal and team levels, and together we have raised $373,163 from 2011-2017.  Every team can be this  successful. Contact me we can chat!”

Ambassador Dave O'Connor

Dave O'Connor

Nampa Fire Department

8 years climbing
I will be going into my eighteenth year with Nampa Fire and this will be my eighth year taking part in the climb. My personal goal, by the time I retire, (hopefully in seven years!) is to raise $150,000 by myself. The City of Nampa Fire Department along with the other departments in the Treasure Valley were able to raise just over $120,000 last year alone, which is an incredible feat!

The best part of participating in the climb is hearing and seeing the stories and lives that are truly affected by the success of this event. What drives me is the constant reminder of how important it is to find a cure for this heart-breaking illness. I have had the opportunity to climb for family members affected by leukemia and lymphoma, as well as many close friends. When you are climbing for someone you know personally it really makes an impact on your life. Please remember, although the climb itself may be a grueling 15-20 minutes for us, there are those that go through much more every day fighting the fight for health. I look forward to 2018 towards the success of the climb and getting that much closer to finding a cure!




Ambassador Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson - Sponsorship Lead

Coeur d'Alene Fire Department

6 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: When you ask people to support you in your fundraising efforts, be ready to help them donate right away. Have the link to your website saved on your phone so you can be ready to accept donations all the time.

I first started participating in the event because it sounded like a cool event. I didn't have a connection to the mission, I just wanted to try climbing. After my first year participating a family friend was diagnosed with blood cancer and the reason behind the event became much more important. The more I get involved, the more people I seem to know who have a connection to the mission, and the more I want to help raise funds to support LLS. I want to help as many people as I can raise as much money as they can to support cancer research.


Soren Lowe

Lewiston Fire Department

6 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: Don’t be shy when asking people if they want to donate. Be enthusiastic and  educate them on just what exactly your raising money for, and how EVERY little contribution helps. Fundraise with your team: Strength in numbers will help you raise more money.

Why I climb: I started climbing to remember one of my classmates, Dirk Peterson. Dirk was diagnosed  with Leukemia at the young age of 14. Dirk lost his courageous battle to leukemia 14 months later. I remember calling and talking to him and him telling me that it was a tough fight, but that he would be  coming home soon. I will never forget that call and the enthusiasm behind his voice. My brother Shane Lowe (Captain with Boise Fire) and I started to make the Stairclimb an annual event that we would fundraise and climb together and to never forget the purpose for the climb; to remember those who have perished and those currently battling some form of blood cancer. The Scott Firefighter Stairclimb is in my mind one of the best fundraising events out there. All the proceeds go to such a great cause, climbing 69 floors in full firefighting gear while on air reminds me of just how big of a fight these brave people with cancer have, and how miserable it can make you feel. But most important, giving it your all and continuing to raise millions of dollars each year, through perseverance, we will find a cure! We are all here for you every step of the way. I climb, WE climb, for YOU and THEM! Let’s kick cancer: CLIMB, CONQUER, CURE.



Ambassador Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson



Hanford Fire/ West Benton Fire and Rescue

8 years climbing

I was first introduced to the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, when I did my first Firefighter Stairclimb in 2009. I've experienced family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers hurt by the effects of blood cancer.  In 2017 the event took on a whole new meaning to me, when West Benton Fire and Rescue, and Hanford Fire both lost members of their departments.  As a team we decided to dedicate Local I-24's Stairclimb team's efforts to the loss of Hanford Fire FF  William Whitney, who experienced a LODD from cancer on August 26, 2016. Then on January 9th, 2017 West Benton Fire and Rescue lost its team captain FF James Wildman, when he and a friend were killed in a car accident.  With the help of our local Ambassador and many others, we we’re able to have James’ brother Ben climb in his fallen brother’s gear, and provide 3 others to climb with him, to include myself. 2017 may have been my slowest year, , but it's all about the cause, our commitment to each other, the patients of blood cancer, and the mission to cure these disease that have taken so much from us.  


Ambassador Josh Charles

Josh Charles

Bozeman Fire Local 613

6 years climbing

Fundraising Tip:  We all understand fundraising can be difficult or uncomfortable, but if you and your group are having fun, being enthusiastic about the cause and open to everyone its amazing what can, and will happen.  Never be afraid to take time, to educate, and thank both those who donate and those who don't for their support. It pays off.  
I started with the climb 5 years ago and just love the energy and excitement that surrounds it. Each year when the March date nears our team and community start to buzz with stairs and LLS on the brain. I wanted to share that excitement and our success in both our improved fundraising, climb times  and love for the LLS with others in our area. I thought if our small department of 42 and team of once 4 and now as many as 10 can increase donations by more than 156% in the last 5 years anyone can. Its about the cause, the people, the honorees and their families who fight for everyday normalcy; the climb itself, the camaraderie, the incentive prizes those are just the icing on the cake. Nothing better than when a survivor, or a family member says "Thanks for helping me fight Leukemia". CLIMB CONQUER CURE, see you at the top!



Troy Maness

 Troy Maness

Veteran Administration Fire Department/ East Helena Volunteer Fire Department

4 years climbing

I have been a firefighter for over 25 years. I am currently a career firefighter with the Veterans Administration Fire Department at Fort Harrison, Montana. I also serve as the Fire Chief for the East Helena Volunteer Fire Department in East Helena, Montana where I have been a member for 25 years. I became involved with the Scott Stairclimb in 2014 as a participant. In 2015, I became an ambassador for Montana, sharing the duties with my counterpart, Josh Charles.  The Scott Firefighter Stairclimb has a special spot in my heart as I climb for a young man who is leukemia survivor and for my daughter-in-law who also is a childhood leukemia survivor. I enjoy fundraising for this great cause, as someday we will conquer these blood cancers. Climb, Conquer, Cure is more than just words to me, it’s a mission! Together we can make “Someday” Today!



 Ambassador Nick Christensen

Nick Christensen

Navy Region Southwest Fire & Emergency Services

5 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: Public fundraising events with your department or teaming up with multiple departments in your area really makes a difference. Get your department’s leadership on board with donating and supporting your teams fundraiser. Social media is your best source to get the word out on your fundraising activities.

This is my third year participating in the ambassador program and I am proud to continue to help spread the word about LLS and this great cause to the California departments in my area. Seeing the positive impact the Stairclimb has had with fundraising for LLS during my years of participating has made me want to do as much as I can to contribute and get as many people involved in the climb as possible!


 Ambassador Brandon Wall

Brandon Wall

Templeton Fire Department

5 years climbing

I’m a Fire Captain/Training Officer with the Templeton Fire and Emergency Services since 2008. My desire to participate in the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb started many years before the feat was accomplished. Following the passing of my uncle to cancer in 2014, I accepted the challenge and made the trek north from California to pay homage to my uncle’s battle. Upon arriving on the 73rd floor for the first time that year, I quickly discovered this was not to be a one-time endeavor. Bringing back stories of a significant challenge, new friends, and a great cause, I returned in 2015 with 6 other fellow climbers from among the Templeton Fire Department ranks. By 2017, our team increased to over a dozen. I have been accused of  inspiring other fellow firefighters and encouraging additional teams from San Luis Obispo County to join the climb. When I’m not training for the Stairclimb, I make my home in Templeton with my wife, JoAnn, of 18 years and two children, JoEllen and Aiden.



Ambassador Rob Yencopal

 Rob Yencopal

Corvallis Fire Department

8 years climbing

I’m continually motivated by LLS’s progress made in the areas of treatments and cures and strive to push forward for those who lost their battle before a cure was found.  It is crucial for us all to remember that we make a difference. Climb-Conquer-Cure

Fundraising Tip: Get out in your community, you would be amazed at the number of people you will meet and how willing they are to donate. So how do you get out in the community? Ask a local restaurant to to host your team.The restaurant will benefit by packing the house on an off night and you will benefit through the filling of “donation boots”. It’s a lot of fun and as long as you are respectful and helpful the restaurant will invite you back the following year making for an easy year after year fundraiser.


Ambassador Allen Kennedy 

Allen Kennedy

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue 

21 years climbing

I am currently the Division Chief with Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (OR) and have been apart of the department since 1991. I have over 30 years of experience in Emergency Services. 

My first firefighter Stairclimb was in 1997, we started out with four competitors back then and I have competed every year since.I have been Team Captain since the beginning, my goal is to have 50 participants from TVFR however our average team size is usually around 40. I have alwa ys messaged to my team mates that this is a fundraising event first and a grueling physical challenge second. This is my first year as an Ambassador and happy to serve the Oregon region. 


Jasper 2

 Jasper Stenstrom - Recruitment & Retention Lead

Graham Fire & Rescue

6 years climbing

Jasper Stenstrom is a Graham Fire &Rescue Firefighter and has been working on the campaign since 2012. Every March I look forward to catching up with brothers and sisters from all over the world that come to Seattle for one common goal. The brother and sisterhood knows no boundaries! I love to give the strength that I have and translate it into something positive that they, the honorees get to be a part of. Please reach out to any of the ambassadors if you have any questions.

Favorite Fundraising Tip: Ask for the right amount. Take a look at your potential donors and ask for the right amount. Don’t ask for $10 if you know someone can donate $100, and don’t ask for $100 If you know all someone can give you is $10.

Ambassador Brent McBride

 Brent McBride

South Bay Fire Department 

9 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: Don't be shy about asking people to donate. Start easy and ask people you know first to donate to help get you started.

I think the Stairclimb is a great way to raise money to fight blood cancers and the ambassador program can help get you in contact with someone to point you in the right direction so you can maximize your efforts!



 Ambassador Marnie Fox

Marnie Fox

Boeing Fire

5 years climbing
I have been in the Fire service for 15 years the last 6 at Boeing Fire. I have been attending the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb for 5 years and been a VIP each year. I plan on attending as  long as my legs get me to the top and if I can’t do that I will find another way to serve. I live East of  Sedro Woolley and look forward to serving Skagit County as an Ambassador. If anyone has questions or  needs information my door is always open or call, email, text or send a carrier pigeon, I will do my best to help you out. I’m looking forward to 2018 climb.


Craig Patti

Craig Patti

Bremerton Fire Department

7 years climbing

This is my first year as an ambassador. I have been a career firefighter for almost 16 years, spending 12 of those with Bremerton Fire. I've participated in the Stairclimb for about seven years now. I was honored to be a part of the Bremerton Stairclimb Team last year that was allowed to climb together in honor of our fallen brother, Jimmy Hendryx. I am married to my wife Katie, and together we have two children; Norah and Kellen. In my spare time, I enjoy supporting Seattle sports and competing in triathlons and distance running.


Ambassador Ricky Kilgore

Richard " Ricky" Kilgore

Tumwater Fire

3 years climbing

This is my first year as an Ambassador, and will be my third year participating in the Stairclimb. My goal is to help boost fundraising and department participation for the LLS. Last year I was able to raise close to $6,000 and am ready to beat that this year. I am an Army veteran and a graduate from Evergreen State College. I’m married to my best friend, Beth and we enjoy time outdoors and in Coeur d’Alene, ID, with our two children, Addison, Jakson and our dog, Aspen. I’m excited to hit the ground running to help have a successful 2018 climb! Please feel free to contact me if you need help. 



Ambassador Adrian Barajas 

Adrian Barajas

Lubbock Fire & Rescue 

3 year climbing

Fundraising Tip: Go out and fun raising money for a great cause. Be creative!

I began my involvement to the LLSs in 2011 after I lost my best friend Brent to lymphoma and my sister-in-law was battling leukemia.That year at my wedding, we had donation boxes throughout the venue collecting money for LLS. I have attended many "Light the Night" Walks at Angel Stadium in California. The main reason I do the Scott Firefighter Stairclimb is for people like Brent that spent their time and effort to become a firefighter and never had the chance to do so because of the cancer. 


Ambassador Jason Bostic 

Jason Bostic

Fredericktown Community Fire District

12 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a donation or sponsorship. Ask the question, show how personal the goals of our program are and be authentic. If you don’t ask, you’re missing out. We’re firefighters, yet for some reason we’re afraid or nervous to ask for help. Get out there, in person, on the web, through email, social media and people will help do the work for you!

I got involved initially in 2007 as a climber to honor my mother Peggy (CML survivor), who received her unrelated bone marrow transplant in 1990 at The Ohio State University hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  I was instantly hooked and kept training for more events to become more firefighter fit. I love what the organization is doing for the LLS and want to champion for and help be a part of building this even bigger to pay forward for all that has been done for my family. This is my second year as an ambassador and I am excited to learn from others and share what I can to make our event even more successful.  


Ambassador Dennis Schoen Jr.

 Dennis Schoen, Jr.



Sunland Park Fire Department

4 years climbing

Fundraising Tip: The biggest part of the SCOTT Firefighter Stairclimb is the fundraising. Get out there and make it happen with the best of your abilities. Let everyone know that you are raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. So many people have personal or family connections to LLS and have been amazing with  helping to raise donations.

I got into the SCOTT Firefighter Stairclimb in 2015 when I was looking for a fun fire- related sport.What started as an event has spawned a passion with being able to Climb-Conquer-Cure. I have found the brother and sisterhood in this International event has no borders. I have been able to make friends as far as New Zealand and  Chile. It is competitive, but it truly is you against the stairwell once you get your first climb in. The event is first class and I have been fortunate to be able to climb and last year was my first  year on the photography staff. This year I have the honor of being selected as an Ambassador. Remember each day we wake up breathing is another day to make a difference in the lives of others and here at the SFFSC, it is working to put an end to blood cancers. See you in the stairwell!