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All Scott Firefighter Stairclimb awards are presented to winning individuals and teams at the VIP Climbs Awards Ceremony.

Must be an award receipient and/or VIP Fundraiser ($2,800 or more) to receive invitation + one guest

2018 Ceremony: Sunday May 6, Columbia Tower Club, Columbia Center, Seattle, WA

2017 Fundraising Awards

   1st Place Fundraising Individual    Scott Thorsteinson, Burien/North Highline Fire        $50,018   
   2nd Place Fundraising Individual    Scott Robinson, Coeur d'Alene Fire Department       $20,275   
   3rd Place Fundraising Individual    Richard Brown, Boise Fire Department     $16,326
   1st Place Fundraising Team    Seattle Fire Department    $91,109
   2nd Place Fundraising Team    Burien/North Highline Fire Department    $76,112
   3rd Place Fundraising Team    Richland Fire Department    $59,769
   1st Place Fundraising Team - Per Capita       Couer d'Alene Fire Department    $6,017/person  
   2nd Place Fundraising Team - Per Capita       Tumwater Fire Department    $5,204/person
   3rd Place Fundraising Team - Per Capita       Skagit Fire Department, District 8    $5,058/person


2017 Speciality Awards

Chosen by Climbs staff in conjunction with winners from our sister event, Big Climb Seattle

   "Keep the Awesomeness Going Award"  
    In Memory of Tristan Smith, Seattle Fire   

   Ian Condon, Tumwater Fire
   Inspiring Individual    Tiffany Moyes, Whatcom County Fire #7
   Why We Climb    Bremerton Fire Department - In Honor of Jimmy Hendryx   
   Community Leadership       Ben Wildman, West Benton Fire - In Honor of James Wildman  


2017 Legacy Fundraising Awards

  $500,000 Milestone      Seattle Fire Department 
  $200,000 Milestone   Burien/North Highline Fire Department  
  $200,000 Milestone    Bend Fire & Rescue 
  $200,000 Milestone    Everett Fire Department
  $200,000 Milestone    Richland Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone   Port of Seattle Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone   Renton Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone   City of Spokane Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone   Nampa Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone    Missoula Rural Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone    Kirkland Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone    Bellevue Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone    Kent Firefighters Local 1747
  $100,000 Milestone    Corvallis Fire Department
  $100,000 Milestone    South Whatcom Fire Department


2017 Top Volunteer Fundraiser

   1st Place Fundraising Volunteer     Shawna Buness - Wrangell Volunteer Fire Department  


2017 Racing Awards

  1st Place Male Racer    Andrew Drobeck, Missoula City Fire    10:58   
  2nd Place Male Racer    Steve Potratz-Lee, Pullman Fire Department    11:34
  3rd Place Male Racer    Benjamin Brunsvold, Missoula City Fire     11:36
   1st Place Female Racer    Jessi Nemens, Kent Firefighters Local 1747    17:02
   2nd Place Female Racer    Kasey Hochmuht, Boise Firefighters Local 149    17:09
   3rd Place Female Racer    Kerry Crivello, San Bernardino County Fire Department         18:00
   Perpetual: Fastest Racing Chief    Derek Sherrell, Kingsley Field Fire Department         12:08
   Perpetual: Overall Fastest Department         Missoula City Fire    36:23
   Perpetual: Overall Fastest Racer    Andrew Drobeck, Missoula City Fire    10:58