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  2. KICK START your fundraising by making a personal donation.
  3. CUSTOMIZE your fundraising page. Share your personal story and pictures showcasing why you climb!
  4. CONNECT your fundraising page to a Facebook Fundraiser to easily reach your fundraising goal. [Must connect through your participant page to get fundraising credit]
  5. SHARE with family, friends & co-workers why you are climbing and ask them to support your efforts!


We want to give you all the tools you need to not only participate in Big Climb but also to fundraise. Here are some posts you can use and customize to promote your climb!

Post this after you sign up to climb!


Sample Copy:

On March 24, I will be climbing Seattle's iconic Columbia Center in support of @LLSUsa. #BigClimbSeattle gives us all the opportunity to get moving and to step up in the fight against cancer. I hope you will join me or support me by making a donation to my fundraising page: [Insert Fundraising Page Link]

Post this one week out from Big Climb!

FY20 BVC I Climb For Graphic

Sample Copy:

I climb for [a specific person or reason / to find a cure / all those who cannot]. #BigClimbSeattle is this weekend! I will be climbing 69 floors to support @LLSusa and cancer patients & their families. I hope you'll follow along as I #ClimbConquerCure! Please support my climb: [Insert Fundraising Page Link]

Post this on the morning of March 24!

FY24 BVC Bib

Sample Copy:

Ready, set, climb! Today, I climb Columbia Center for #BigClimbSeattle. Show your support for me and cancer patients & their families across the country by making a donation: [Insert Fundraising Page Link]

Post this after your climb!

FY24 BVC Medal

Sample Copy:

I climbed and conquered 69 floors today for @LLSusa #BigClimbSeattle to raise money for cancer research and patient support. Thank you to all of you who supported me by donating and providing words of encouragement throughout my climb! (Tag Supporters)


Save the Big Climb logo as an image and feel free to use it on your donation asks or gear.


If you're a climber or a racer, make sure to include your fundraising page link below the image.


Show your gratitude! Say thank you early and often to your donors with a Thank You. Make sure you share your progress and the impact we're making together.

*Right click and save any of the images to your computer or mobile device*

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