The Obstacles

A sampling of our obstacles. They are designed to be inclusive to all ages and abilities, however, you are welcome to skip any obstacle you are not comfortable with.

Tire Wall

One of Pineapple's favorite obstacles. Right off the bat you get to climb up our famous tire walls and down the other side.

Slip 'n Slide

Another Pineapple favorite! Slide down our giant slip 'n slide with your pineapple in hand! *this obstacle is at the end of the course.


A giant a-frame to climb up and down.

The Box

Help your teammates climb up, into and out of our giant boxes.

5 ft Wall

Shimmy up and over this wall with your pineapple in hand!

Slab Wall

Climb up, onto and down our wooden slab wall. Even a Pineapple can do it.

Over Under

Climb up, into and under this obstacle!

Cargo Net

Walk, roll or crawl through our cargo net obstacle.

Drain Pipe Crawl

Crawl through giant drain pipes with your pineapple.

Bungee Bonanza

Make your way through a box filled with bungee cords!

Pineapple Plank

Walk on elevated planks with your pineapple balanced on your head!

Stay Informed