Big Climb 2021

Virtual Event

Virtual Registration

  1. Why should I register now?

    Register for Big Climb Seattle 2021 before December 31, 2020 and receive a $20 discount off of your registration for Big Climb Seattle 2022 and our triumphant return to the Columbia Center!

  2. Why is Big Climb 2021 Virtual?

    As we move closer to 2021, we find that the world around us is filled with uncertainties out of our control. But one thing is certain: no amount of uncertainty can diminish our passion to climb, conquer and cure blood cancers. Therefore, out of an unflinching commitment to our mission and to the health of the entire LLS community, we will tackle Big Climb Seattle and conquer the Columbia Center's 1,311 steps together virtually on May 15th, 2021.

  3. Is there a registration fee for Big Climb 2021?

    No, there is no registration fee for Big Climb 2021's Virtual Event.

  4. When is general registration?

    Registration opens at 9:00 am on Monday, November 16, 2020.

  5. Can team captains sign up team members?

    Yes, you can register your team members. You will need the following information for each team member:

    If you are the team captain and you are registering your team, please click the "register a team member" on the review page to continue signing members up.

    Please note you may need their username and password if you have already finished and paid for yourself and they are returning participants.

    - Full name

    - Email address

    - Phone number

    - Address

    - Birth Date (mm/dd/year)

    - Shirt size

    - If they are a patient or survivor

    It is very important that you know your teamate's email address (and do not put your own in) as putting your email address will keep them from receiving important event updates and login information.

Virtual Fundraising

  1. Is there a fundraising minimum?

    It is free to register and participate in the virtual Big Climb. As a Climber, we challenge you to fundraise for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s mission.

    - Raise $100 and receive Big Climb’s official Big Climb Bib and Medal.

    - Raise $250 and receive Big Climb’s official Big Climb Tech Tee.

    - The more you raise, the more you are rewarded. Check out the full recognition program here.

    In 2020, Climbers raised an average of $300 through their efforts. So set your goal and get started today!

  2. What is the minimum age allowed to climb?

    There is no minimum age to participate in Big Climb 2021. All are welcome to register and participate.

  3. Where do my donations go?

    100% of donations benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. All donations from Big Climb help support the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to help improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

  4. When is the fundraising deadline?

    No matter the age, to receive an event medal and bib prior to the virtual event day, you must raise $100+, and to receive the official Big Climb Tee, you must raise $250+. Please note: Participants must reach these levels by April 15th to receive these items by event day. The fundraising deadline for the incentive store is coming soon. You can also earn additional Big Climb swag by raising more funds!

Virtual Event

  1. What time should I climb?

    You can begin your virtual climb whatever time works best for you! There will be live streaming opportunities throughout the event day to view the in-person opening ceremony and finish line. More information coming soon.

  2. How do I climb virtually?

    Participants are invited to participate in an activity of their choosing. Participants are invited to watch the live streaming of the opening ceremy and can participate anytime on the event day.

    Climb: 1,311 steps

    Run/Walk: 6,555 steps or 3.2 miles

    Chair Step Ups: 440 Step Ups

    Choose any activity and share on social how YOU climb. conquer. cure.

  3. How can I submit dedication and remembrance photos?

    Submit photos of loved ones affected by cancer here.

  4. Will I receive an event medal and bib?

    All participants that raise $100 or more will be mailed an event medal and bib.

  5. Will I receive an event T-shirt?

    All participants that raise $250 or more will be mailed an event t-shirt.

  6. How are start times assigned?

    Start times will not be assigned for Big Climb 2021. You can climb anytime you like.

Train Your Way

  1. How do I train for the Virtual Climb?

    Between March 1 and May 15, join our national Big Climb Facebook group where we will inspire you to get in the best shape you can be to virtually tackle the Columbia Center with us.

    The group page will feature weekly training guides from famous staircases and climbs across the country to inspire your workouts. The group is also a great way to connect with fellow climbers across the country as climbers share their training progress and personal motivation to climb, conquer and cure.

    National Big Climb facebook group coming soon.

Climb Your Way

  1. Climb Your Way

    On May 15, virtually climb the 1,311 steps that would take you to the top of the Columbia Center in a few different ways.


    Climb 1,311 steps in your home, apartment building or even a community park.


    Tackle 3.2 miles or 6,555 steps in your favorite form of exercise to simulate your ascension to the top of the Columbia Center.

    Step Ups

    Challenge yourself with 440 chair step-ups to accomplish your climb!

Stay Informed