Why We Climb

In honor of our patients, survivors, and those we have lost

2022 Event Honorees

In 2022 we climb in honor of Sam Tassos and Jason Rose, and in memory of Firefighter Jeff Welch.

Every year we share the stories of blood cancer patients, survivors and those who we have tragically lost. It is an unfortunate truth that it can be difficult to come across someone whose life has not been impacted by some form of cancer. For those who do not have a personal blood cancer connection, we hope these inspiring individuals can help provide humanity and perspective to this terrible disease. The money raised through the LLS Firefighter Stairclimb is dedicated in spirit to those in the fire family like Jason Rose, Sam Tassos, and Jeff Welch, who have shown us what it really means to climb, conquer, and move toward a cure.

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Fy21 FF Honoree Mighty Max

Invite Your Honoree

Thank you for wanting to register your honoree for the LLS Firefighter Stairclimb. This is for participants who would like their blood cancer patient or survivor Honoree to be recognized and invited to the 2022 Event Experience.  Honorees will receive access to theVIP area on the day of the event.

If you are looking to celebrate your honoree but they cannot attend the event, please submit a Dedication Sign request below.

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Submit a Dedication Sign

Dedication Signs are a way to honor and remember those for whom we climb and fundraise. Each sign includes a photo of your choice, along with the diagnosis and full name of your honoree. Signs will be distributed digitally and can be hung in the at your local climb or shared on your social media.

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