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Brody WPC

Brody and the Cox family


My name is Brody Cox. In July of 2005 I was diagnosed with leukemia, just after my second birthday. It was a difficult time for my family, my Mom had just been diagnosed with cancer a few months earlier. But with an incredible amount of support from our family, friends and our amazing doctors and nurses we both reached remission.

We decided we wanted to do something positive with the experience, to try and help others being impacted by blood cancers. That's how we came up with the idea for The Winter Pineapple Classic. Our first race was in 2006, and if you ask my Dad he'll tell you we had no idea what we were doing. But we partnered with LLS and managed to pull off something special.

Since then the Pineapple has been held in cities across the US and Canada, and has helped to raise more than $4 million dollars for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. But Seattle is where it all started, and has always been the heart and soul of this event. We never would have dreamed the Pineapple would still be going strong after so many years. But it is, and the reason is simple; folks like you. An incredible group of friends and family who come out every year to make it a truly unique and beautiful thing.

This year has been challenging, to say the least. COVID has turned all our lives upside down. Social distancing means we can't hold the 15th annual Winter Pineapple Classic in person. It's the right thing to do… but it bums me out. What I've always loved most about the Pineapple is the sense of community it creates. Seeing everyone come out every year, in costumes, smiling, laughing and having fun. Kids, adults, families, all running together. There just isn't anything else like it.

So even though we’re not together at the Winter Pineapple Classic this month, we’re still a community of fun-loving, pineapple-carrying, cancer fighters. What I’m asking we do instead is pretty simple…you don't need to stay 6 feet away from fruit, so get up close to a pineapple and go for a run (and encourage your friends & family to do the same!). Doesn't matter how far, just make sure you jump over a few things, and maybe get a little muddy.

And when you're done, we would love it if you logged on to this page and made a donation in the name of the Pineapple. COVID may own the headlines, but there are still kids and adults all over the world fighting blood cancers. This is one way we can continue to make a difference.

So let's celebrate the 15th year of the Pineapple, let's celebrate the amazing strength and courage shown every day by those who fight this disease. Let's help fund the work that helps families right now and supports research for the future. After all, the Pineapple has always been about just 3 things:

Have fun. Get dirty. Save lives.

Stay safe and keep smiling!


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