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Registration for Big Climb 31 is SOLD OUT! 

Fundraising Minimum for 18 and Older - $150 

All participants regardless of age are required to meet the fundraising minimum.

This year the fundraising minimum for those participants who are 18 years or older will be raised to $150, while it will remain at $100 for participants 17 and under.

By increasing the fundraising minimum from $100 to $150, the impact on blood cancers will be even greater. In the words of the LLS CEO, Dr. Louis DeGennaro, "While I’m immensely pleased by our financial results this past year, I am not content.  We left $30 million of worthy research, potential cures, and patient services unfunded." This is why each year we strive to grow to ensure we meet those benchmarks and direct as much funding back to blood cancer research as possible, helping to become closer to a cure each day.

Along with changing the fundraising minimum for those 18 and older, other changes have been made to the event. This year, two team types will be featured - friends & family teams and corporate teams. All teams who raise $15,000 or more by March 1st will have their team name printed on the back of all participant shirts. For more information about the changes, please read more here.